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We are in the business of outcomes that will make our clients happy in their real estate journey


We take our business very seriously and will be professional with our approach to help you meet your outcomes


We may not be able to provide the right outcome for you be will offer our support to help direct you to your next steps.

Over the last 10 years there have been massive changes in real estate in Canada which we have always been invested in and keeping track with methods in real estate investing.

A big issue we see are people struggling to become home owners and people struggling to sell their home for the full amount they deserve.

We have made it our mission to learn real estate inside and out to provide creative ways for our clients to achieve their desired outcomes.

Real estate investing is a broad spectrum but typical home ownership options in the main stream do not cut it for the average Canadian so we have discovered methods outside of the norm but totally within the legal lines of creative options for those who finally want to become homeowners and even for those who want to sell and have all of their equity rather than loose it to fees and repairs.

Contacting us to see if our options will fit for you is the best way to start.

Partners in life and business
Jamie Picture

Jamie Baxter

Emigrated from the UK in 2013 and have been investing in real estate since 2016. Loves to problem solve and help people in the process, it literally bugs him if he can't solve the problem!

Estefany Flores

Estefany Flores

Born and raised in the GTA, studied and invested in real estate since 2014. Very meticulous and detailed making sure that everything is done properly and to the best degree.

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